There is no story that cannot end in redemption

There is no story that cannot end in redemption


Who Is The Redeemed Mama?

My Redemption

In The Bible, in the book of Isaiah it says, “For I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine.”  One of the definitions of the word “Redeemed” is to fulfill or carry out a promise. God promises to work all things together for the good of those who love Him.

 When I was growing up in an abusive household, riddled with constant fear and anxiety, I couldn’t see any good in it. When I was surrounded by emotionally and verbally abusive church leaders in my childhood, I found no silver lining there. When I was plagued by health problems that seemed never ending, I couldn’t see God's purpose. When I was so depressed and angry and defeated, that I attempted suicide over and over, I felt God was silent. When I tried year after year to get pregnant with my husband and couldn’t, I felt worthless. When I did get pregnant and my first child was born with a birth defect and extensive health issues and special needs, I didn’t understand what God’s plan was. I feel like I lived every moment at rock bottom.

Do you see the pattern here? My whole life up till now was full of pain, sadness and brokenness, but it all propelled me into this exact moment. For all the times I asked God why He let me go through so much pain and for all the tears I cried because I could never see how He could make something good of my life; He finally brought me here. To this place of fulfillment, to this time of redemption in my life. I finally understand that He had a bigger plan than I could see, to use my story and help other people through their pain.
He brought me to a place where I see all the beauty in who my experiences shaped me into. I see all the cracks that let the light in. I see all the mourning, He has turned to joy.

I see the calling He has given me as a person, as a mother and as a writer, to share my heart and my life with y’all and I will happily tell anyone how God turned me into The Redeemed Mama.

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About Me

My Background


I grew up all over the world, as a military brat and overcame a very difficult childhood, to go on to marry into the military and continue my travels and adventures. My life was transformed by motherhood and it has been quite a journey that God has brought us through, I write about parenthood, overcoming abuse and learning to live your best life now,  regardless of your past or present obstacles.

My Hobbies


I love Jesus, my Husband and our amazing 3 kids. I enjoy spending time with them as much as possible, which homeschool allows me to do. I am a content coordinator for a local magazine. I love writing, singing, baking, shopping and helping people whenever and however I can. Life is too short to waste any time, not walking in God's glorious plan for us. I am a contributing author on The Mighty, Today Parents and have been published by Love What Matters, Positive Outlooks and more.

My hope for you


My hope for you is that as you read my stories of life, parenthood and overcoming insurmountable odds, that you would feel you have an ally somewhere in the world and that you will leave this site with a firm belief that your story can end in redemption. It's never too late and you're never too far gone, to turn your life around and start over to be who you want to be and who God called you to be!